Teach Your Children To Diamonds By Armani Perfume Review While You Still Can

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If you're searching for a woman's scent, think about Emporio Armani Diamonds for Women Summer Edition. This scent is a Floral Fruity blend with top notes of rose and raspberry. Middle notes include Lily of the Valley. A fresh floral scent it creates a feeling of freshness. The scent was launched for summer in 2010.


If you're looking for a masculine scent, Diamonds by Armani bergamot could be the perfect choice. The fresh scent starts with a sweet, chocolate-y note. However the fruity scent is quickly replaced by woody cocoa notes. While it's not as sweet as a chocolate orange you'll feel sexy and sophisticated in the fragrance.

A citrus-fruity fragrance, Emporio Armani Diamonds bergamot is perfect for spring and summer. It starts with sparkling fruity scents and evolves into a floral arrangement. It contains notes of rose, lily from the valley patchouli, freesia, Ambrette seed, and bergamot. This scent is ideal for hot summer and spring days.

It's light and woody, and can be worn for up to four hours. The Armani fragrance designer, Thierry Wasser, has developed a scent that's natural and fresh while keeping a sophisticated masculinity. This scent is perfect for daytime wear, however, it could be worn as a subtle fragrance for topscosmetics a night out on the town. Diamonds by Armani Bergamot is the scent you'd like for an individual.


The perfumes of Armani are mostly expensive. Some scents can go over $100,000! In reality, the price of 10 grams of gold in India is only Rs 47,695! The wood used for these scents is agarwood, made from the aquilaria tree. The wood is found in India, China, Japan and the Arabian Peninsula. The scent has notes of neroli, bergamot pear, and African orange blossom. Base notes include musk, benzoin, and amber.

Giorgio Armani's fragrance is an aromatic woody scent. It has bergamot, guaiac and cedar as its top notes. The heart notes contain cedar and vetiver. It's a warm, comforting, and sexy scent that makes it a great option for an evening out with a partner. The scent is described as sensual and masculine, making it a perfect scent for the modern urban man.

The scent is created to appeal to women of all different ages. The scent is a mix of flowers, berries and wood. The packaging is an evocative jewel box. The block is sculpted with an eagle's symbol. The woody scent blends perfectly with the scent's Musk that is a modern invention. The flavor of the fragrance makes it a cult.


Emporio Armani Diamonds floral gourmand potion has notes of rose, raspberry and litchi. Beyonce is the pop icon who sings the first song that features Marilyn Monroe. It is a great choice for modern women due to its delicious scent. It is available in Eau de Parfum and body lotion varieties. The scent is extremely sought-after among young women because of its fruity, fresh scent.

The fragrance was first introduced in 2013 and was a successful launch for Armani. It is a blend of top notes of raspberry and bergamot as well as middle and base notes of Freesia, Cedar, and patchouli and amber. It has a long-lasting power but does not possess a very powerful projection. The fragrance lasts about 4 hours. It is a great choice when you like sophisticated scents but don't want to be too strong.

Emporio Armani Diamonds is a fresh, fruity scent that you should try. It is a sweet, gourmand scent with a fruity, an attractive, feminine and sultry appeal. The bottle is a diamond with a silvery cap, and the centerpiece is an Eagle. In contrast to other florals that are fruity peony is a wonderful option for scents for summertime.

Lily of the valley

The iconic feminine scent Diamonds by Armani has a distinctively feminine scent that has a floral heart dominated by Lily of the Valley. The scent also has raspberry, bergamot, and rose, while its base notes include patchouli, topscosmetics vetiver, and vanilla. If you're looking for a sweet scent this perfume is perfect for warm summer evenings.

The fragrance is a gourmand floral potion that consists of pink, red and amber as well as woods. Marilyn Monroe made the song famous and it has become an enduring favorite among the Armani brand. The brand is teaming up with Beyonce today to promote the signature Armani fragrance, Diamonds by Armani. This feminine scent is an ideal option for modern women looking for a sophisticated, sensual scent.

As with many Armani perfumes This one is a great value for the price. The Eau de Parfum is still accessible at a bargain price and remains being made. Even though the Eau de Toilette version has been discontinued, this fragrance remains a favourite for women of all ages. The classic fragrance is elegantly presented in a silvery cap with an ornamental metal plaque bearing the eagle's symbol.


Despite its musky, earthy scent, Diamonds by Armani for men is a refreshing sweet, sweet scent. Its longevity is long-lasting on the skin and an enjoyable EDT. It's not strong, but it projects well enough to be noticed by others around you. Its Eau de Toilette concentration lasts for four hours, which is enough for use during the daytime.

While the perfume's notes could be complex, it smells clean and floral overall. It contains top notes of lychee, patchouli, freesia, and the base notes of vetiver. It also contains a vanilla woody note. Many people don't want to wear it, despite the sweet scent. It could be worth a try for those who aren't in love with the scent.

If you are seeking a feminine scent, you might be interested in the Emporio Armani Diamonds Rose fragrance. The rose version is more light and focused on the rose scent. The scent is no longer available. However, it still has a lot of appeal. You can purchase the scent in Eau de Toilette and body lotion, as well as perfume. This is an excellent scent for women who like to shop and shine.


In addition to being a favorite among men, Diamonds by Armani is a feminine fragrance for women. It opens with an sour, sweet note of lychee and lily of the valley, and then softens with vanilla and amber. This captivating fragrance lasts for hours. It is the epitome Armani style.

The Emporio Armani Diamonds fragrance is elegant and seductive due to its floral, delicious blend. Its delicious scent is a treat for women who love shopping and sparkle. This feminine scent is perfect for women who like sexy and sensual feminine scents. It is available in Eau de Parfum and body lotion versions. The scent is created using the finest ingredients and has a the longest-lasting, smooth-glittering, and long-lasting quality.

The scent is among the most affordable scents from the Emporio Armani collection. Although it is an Eau de Parfum, this fragrance is an excellent value for money and is often discounted. It is ideal for casual wear, is light and can be incorporated into any wardrobe. A few years ago, diamonds by armani it was also available as an Eau de Toilette. It's since been discontinued. Diamonds by Armani Vanilla is an alternative if prefer a light scent.

emborio armani diamonds

This enticing fragrance is the signature scent of Giorgio Armani. The fragrance for men is crystal clear and precise. It will transport the wearer in a realm filled with masculine sensuality. This scent is ideal for both work and date evenings. Its reversed tones and undertones combine to create a unique scent that will impress your date.

There are many scents in the Emorio Armani Diamonds Fragrance Family. The Eau de Toilette has a fresh, light scent with a floral note that reminds of violet. It's a fantastic option for women who appreciate both florals and gourmands. Its fruity opening will entice those who like sweet notes by its delicate lychee notes, before settling into a sophisticated bouquet of flowers.